In our soul state, our vibration is ecstatic bliss.

It’s always present. Tap in!


You recognize your mastery. You know who you are, and that you are more than what appears on the surface. You already have a strong, solid partnership with whatever name you use for your higher power. You’ve got this life on Earth thing down pat!

Still, the world can throw anyone for a loop. Extrovert or introvert, humans are not created to live fully alone. We all thrive best with some degree of collaboration.




  • Let’s come together to catalyze your next steps.

  • Activate what has been dormant.

  • Resonate with what works best for you.

  • Live more joyously.

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Cyndi J.

CJ isn’t just a licensed massage therapist, she’s an intuitive healer with hands that are warm and friendly.   Today, I experienced my first Rain Drop massage and I’m hooked. While the magical essential oils did their work, CJ massaged away kinks and told my body to behave and give up all that stress.  I can already feel it responding to her treatment.  Highly recommend!

Susan S.

CJ not only massages the body but also the heart, mind and soul.  Her talents in multiple modalities help address the cause of pain for most effective healing.