Here are a few of my favorite offerings. I’m happy to adapt and work with you on a concept you have, if partnering together feels right to you. As long as it feels expansive and is an “everyone wins” situation, I’m in!

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Maintain Your Flow – $120/60 minutes

When you feel the need to change things up a bit, reclaim your clarity, or play with essential oils, colors, and imagery, Maintain Your Flow may be the modality for you!  Fluid movement of energy and communication between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is the goal of this blend of over 20 years of bodywork and 30 years of energy work.  You can leave your clothes on, so it’s ideal for those times when you’re feeling vulnerable, too!

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Individual Offerings:

House Spirit Communication – $100

House spirits (nisse, tompten, domovoy, brownies, etc.) are not often recognized in our culture, but collaborating with them can smooth the edges of home life. If things go missing, fall off shelves and racks, or your pets are often spooked, you House Spirits may be clamoring for your attention. If you are moving to a new home, starting off on the right foot with the unseen residents is a wise idea. CJ has offered house spirit communication services since 1989.

Essential Oils & Energy  – $100/hour

Application of essential oils as directed by your physical and subtle bodies. This offering varies from session to session, depending on your requests and your body’s response to each oil applied.

Alchemical Alignment  – $30/hour

Alchemical Alignment offers an opportunity for your body to resolve old trauma patterns.  It is done with clothing on, and may be done remotely, via phone or video.  Through slowing down, checking in, and communicating about the state of your body in the moment, your body may self-regulate more efficiently.

Circuitry Alignment  – $200/allow 2 hours

Energy session to anchor your soul blueprint into your physical body and deepen your awareness of your soul’s purpose. It is a one-time process – after that, you can refresh your pattern any time you feel the need. CJ has been a Soul Support Systems Certified Circuitry Alignment Facilitator since 2005.

Heart Thread – $60/45 minutes

You remain fully clothed while tension patterns in your back signal ways to build bridges between your physical and mental bodies.   CJ has been a Soul Support Certified Heart Thread Facilitator since 2007.

Star Fire Activation – $60

Star Fire activates your etheric light body while anchoring you on the physical plane. It is done fully clothed and only needs to be done one time. This rate is for individual Star Fire transmission; groups may be activated by special arrangement.  CJ was trained to activate others into Star Fire by its founder in 2014.

Extended  Offerings:

Anointing Circles  – $15/per person


Part nurturing, part activating, and highly empowering, anointing circles are among my favorite collaborative creations.  Participants shift more rapidly and permanently with group anointing than one-on-one. Price is per person, and covers materials. Duration depends on the number of participants, usually an hour or less.

Collaboration Circles – $50/per person

Together, we activate more deeply, vibrate more rapidly, and resonate more profoundly. This three-hour experience grew out of the Excellent Empowered Women’s Wonderful Weekend in the Woods series, and is open to everyone.  We engage in activities which seem most resonant for the souls gathered. Let’s play and see what we create! Rate is per person to cover materials, and open to negotiation depending on location, duration, etc.

Excellent Empowered Women’s Wonderful Weekend

What happens when a group of got-it-together sisters take a retreat? Amazing things! Beyond where and when we’ll be together and ensuring everyone’s dietary needs will be met, this clean & sober weekend happening has no agenda. Everyone attending is invited to bring what they feel called to contribute, we come together and magic happens. I’ve co-facilitated women-only and open gender gatherings for over a decade.

Circuitry Alignment Facilitator Training  – $1500 per person

Become a Circuitry Alignment Facilitator! CJ is a Soul Support Systems Certified teacher of Circuitry Alignment Facilitation. In this 3 day class, you may learn to support others in more deeply embodying their soul through reunification of the soul blueprint with the physical body.

Heart Thread 30/30  – $30/per person

Heart Thread is discussed, demonstrated several times, and then shared in partnership. Most participants can share the experience at home following this group offering. Cost is per person, with a portion tithed back to Soul Support Systems. CJ has been a Soul Support Systems Certified Heart Thread Facilitator since 2007.

Heart Thread Facilitator Training – $1500/per person

Take your sharing of Heart Thread as you learned it in a 30/30 to more profound levels! This 3 day training deepens understanding and experience of the thread which unites all. CJ is a Soul Support Systems Certified Heart Thread Teacher.

Star Fire for Groups – $40/per person

Star Fire activation in a group amplifies the experience of igniting your etheric light body while anchoring you on the physical plane. Group Star Fire can be particularly powerful done in sacred spaces. The price listed is per person, provided venue fees are covered. CJ was trained to activate others into Star Fire by its founder in 2014.

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