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Massage Therapy Services –  Ranging anywhere from 15 minutes in a massage chair to 120 minutes of integrative massage therapy, you can find me at aloe skin + body Wimberley . I also offer a variety of Cupping Massage treatments, Castor Oil Detox, and Maintain Your Flow sessions at aloe.

Please contact me to schedule:

Rain Drop Massage –  60 minutes. Essential oils and special massage techniques come together to create a noninvasive regimen for spinal health, promoting healing from within. Great for detox, emotional release, & relieving problems associated with sciatica, scoliosis and chronic back pain.    $100

What is raindrop massage?

Essential Oils & Energy – application of essential oils as directed by your physical and subtle bodies. This offering varies from session to session, depending on your requests and your body’s response to each oil applied.  $100/hr  or  $120/1.5 hrs

Heart Thread Heart Thread –  remain fully clothed while tension patterns in your back signal ways to build bridges between your physical and mental bodies.   I have been a Soul Support Certified Heart Thread Facilitator since 2007 $60/45 minutes

Learn more about Heart Thread

Circuitry Alignment –  uplifting energy session to anchor your soulCircuitry Alignnmentblueprint into your physical body, deepening your awareness of your soul’s purpose. It is a one-time process – after that, you can refresh your pattern any time you feel the need.  I have been a Soul Support Systems Certified Circuitry Alignment Facilitator since 2005.  $200/allow 2 hours

Licensed Massage Therapist Mentoring                                           $110/2 hours (group rate)

20 years of experience, and 17 years of massage mentoring experience offers a lot of opportunities for you to learn from my mistakes, successes, and everything in between. Bring colleagues or classmates (up to 5 people total) for additional sets of eyes on your body mechanics. (Ongoing mentoring will drop the hourly rate.)

Couples Massage Tutoring                                           $220/3 hours

Massage therapist tips and tools of the trade to conserve your energy while working deeper are presented, along with general anatomy of affected areas. You will each take turns receiving a 60 minute 4 handed massage from me and your other half.

I have helped empower couples to massage each other since 1999, providing them with the tools to make at-home sessions between professional massage therapy sessions more effective and enjoyable.

In this practice, the time offered is fully dedicated to your massage.  Please arrive a few minutes early and allow a bit of time after your session.  We’ll never rush you.

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